July 23, 2012

What is a Parure, Demi- Parure and a Grand Parure?

Vintage and antique jewelry...
  Doing a little bit of drawer cleaning and organizing jewelry made me ponder  the question of what is a parure, demi- parure and a grand parure? Parure is a  French word commonly used to describe a set of three or more matching pieces of jewelry. They became popular in the 17th century to show wealth or status. It was used as a fine jewelry term but is common to be used by collectors of vintage costume jewelry sets. 

  • Parure is a matching set of jewelry of three or more pieces
  • Demi- Parure is a set of 2 items (necklace-earrings etc.)
  • Grand Parure is a complete set of matching jewelry. In the 17th century this usually contained a tiara 

Wikipedia describes a parue as:  "A matching suite of coordinating pieces could include a necklace, a comb, a tiara, a diadem, a bandeau, a pair of bracelets, pins, rings, drop earrings or cluster stud earrings, brooch and a belt clasp that might be worn over a fine dress" ....whew! =)  

Josephine in her Grand Parure

July 12, 2012

A fun little Lucille Ball collage I made today for fun...
The blonde Lucy is from the 1930's - The black hair was Lucy right before she started filming I Love Lucy. And the last needs no explanation...
Lucy was my babysitter many days of the week. I ♥ you Lucy!

July 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Pierre Cardin! 

 Pierre Cardin turns 90 today! 

  Pierre is an Italian born Frenchman know for his Space aged designs of the 60's, creating what is known as the "Space Age Look"
  Pierre is credited with helping Dior with his "New Look" after WWII. Christian Dior sent flowers to Pierre when he started his own line in the 50's =) He released his first clothing line in 1953. In 1954 he opened his first boutique. And ended up expanding into muscle car interiors in the 70's. Pierre owns a castle that belonged to the Marquis De Sade in Lacoste, France.


Pierre Cardin auto interior: 1973 AMC Javelin