January 12, 2012

The amazing Howard Greer!

 What an inspiration to any designer! 

 Howard Greer was the head of Paramount Studios Design Department until 1927 when he opened his own company. According to New York Fashion, Greer produced custom made clothes for Hollywood's best, actresses such as Katharine Hepburn, Gypsy Rose Lee, and Rita Hayworth.  Dita Von Teese recently wore one of his gowns, I was shocked to see people follow-up on the image, calling the dress she was wearing a weird nightgown! 
  He is known for the invention of  the "tabletop neckline", that focuses on a woman's graceful neck. His standard gowns cost up to $650 in the 50's. If you have some time, enjoy a photo search of Howard Greer. I wish we had more designers that are inspired by the beauty of fashion of the past...I could upload fabulous dresses of his... all...day...long

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Irene Dunne
Rita Hayworth
Katharine Hepburn - Moth Costume1933