June 28, 2012

Vintage gowns... 
I've been in a 'evening gown' mood...but then again, I'm always in a evening gown mood. I'm a total sucker for 1930's and 1940's gowns. My love for them started when I found my first 30's gown at Salvation Army when I was 13, with her layers of ruffles and art deco belt... The floor sweeping beauties always charm me. Cut on the bias ? Yes, please!

This week being added to the site...

Victor Costa Black Velvet Evening Gown 

1960's Mad-Men Copper Brocade Evening Gown

June 26, 2012

Tippi , Alfred, Louis Vuitton and Hermes ...

A photo came across my Facebook from a classic horror group of Tippi Hedren and a raven. Obviously a promotional photo from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". I'm a big fan of the film so it inspired me to blog about Tippi and Alfred in the world of fashion...
   Tippi started out as a model in 1950 and was selected to wear one of the most fabulous dresses inspired by Hermes. The painted dress was crafted by Herbert Sondheim- New York, New York, 1951. The LIFE print ad  was photographed by Gordon Parks, who was the first African American staff photographer and writer for Life magazine. http://www.gordonparksfoundation.org

Tippi for Herbert Sondheim


Ok! Back to Tippi and Alfred...Louis Vuitton has also been inspired by the pair, using a vacant train station as a homage to the film Marnie, with the opening sequence of a lone woman. I get two different dates on when the print ad was released by Louis Vuitton (2003 or 2006?) Not even sure if this is the print ad being referred to...I do see a resemblance but I'll let you decide from the images if it was inspired from the film...

Alfred Hitchcock- Marnie-Opening scene

Louis Vuitton print ad 2003?

Marnie opening scene

It wouldn't be complete without Tippi and the birds...

June 25, 2012

Andre Courreges    

After picking up a newer suit by Andre Courreges,  it got me to thinking about his impact on fashion which of course, was big! To me he's what the 60's MOD was all about. I love his Eskimo glasses that were released a little after his line in 1964. 

Andre Courreges made his Eskimo glasses
right after the launch of his line in1964

Vintage 60's sunglasses

June 3, 2012

Missing yard sales this weekend got me to thinking about my dad the past couple of days...I should share some of my dads weird ways and our misadventures in our hunt for treasures. As I wash my dishes I can't help but think of him thanks to this vintage doorknob for my collection (yes, I collect antique doorknobs) still sitting on my counter