June 27, 2011

  So excited that the Glam 70's and 80's fashion has become chic again! But then I'm always excited when the future styles always reflect their vintage originals. The 70's are one of my favorite eras for vintage, so wild and dramatic, just like the Rock Stars of the times. 
  Gotta be crazy about fun halter dresses,big sunglasses,satin pants and platform shoes! A new article in Vogue was talking about Halston bringing back the accordion pleat! Now how exciting is that!?!  I would love to have a piece from his new line, but then, who wouldn't?  I've been inspired by Charlie's Angels,Saturday Night Fever, Love Boat and Three's Company, Outta-sight!

 I'm heading for the closets to pull out as many vintage 70's maxi dresses,wild prints and jumpsuits I can find. Need to get some hot colored 80's Glam in there too. Makes me feel like a little girl again *giggle* and everyone should have an "Almost Famous" coat.