March 2, 2012

Ossie Clark

Sorting some boxes I came upon one of my hidden treasures, a 40's influenced brown Ossie Clark gown with satin shoulders and a deco style neckline. She does have a touch of fade but needs to be least photographed! 
(9 June 1942–6 August 1996) Raymond "Ossie" Clark  An English fashion designer who was a big influence in the Swinging Sixties scene in London and fashion of the time. Clark is known for his vintage designs still by current designers.
Clark is compared to the 1960s fashion greats Mary Quant (I'll add one of her suits later) and Biba and had a major influenced on many other designers, including Yves Saint Laurent and Manolo Blahnik. Mr. Blahnik has been quoted saying,  "He (Ossie Clark) created an incredible magic with the body and achieved what fashion should do — produce desire." Ossie Clark and Ossie Clark for Radley clothes are highly sought after, and are worn by well known models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

Ossie Clark for Radley

March 1, 2012

The vintage Hawaiian Dress

The vintage Hawaiian dress of the 40's and 50's  is one of my most favorite things to collect. While some people love the frilly party dresses and rose prints, I gravitate to vintage tropical foliage or fish. Thought I would share a little history and photos on these wonderful pieces of art.
  The early islanders wore Tapa cloth that was a barkcloth made from the Paper Mullberry tree. It was dyed with  juice from the Kukui nut tree, bits of red or yellow Ochre or charcoal.  Mokihhana berry or sandalwood was used to give it a nice scent. It was stamped to create the designs.
Pareu (sarong-wrap)
  Around 1810, an English-made lightweight printed cotton called a Pareu (like a sarong)started being imported into Tahiti ending the use of the traditional Tapa. To be continued... =)